I'm an h1

I'm an h2. I'm thinking that this site will focus on many things including maybe the following 3

Anesthesia patient safety

Anesthesiology is a complex and fascinating science and practice. There's pure science, physiology and design. I'm particularly interested in mundain, low-tech practice, design and policy issues that can reduce the likelihood of patients being harmed. I'll explore that issue here.


In the United States right now a very important social justice and environmental issue is housing. In short, there's not enough of it built to meet demand. Zoning policies that require individual homes, minimum lot sizes, limit the number of floors of multi-unit buildings all promote sprawl, destroy the environment and lead to greater segregation and huge disparities of income and opportunity. Here's a link to a brief video outlining the problem. Here's another link to a video by the Newton Chamber of Commerce exploring how the lack of housing is strangling local businesses.


In addition to policies focused on housing there are other policies that will likely contribute to a more just and sustainable world. Right now I'm thinking about Ranked Choice Voting, increasing investigation and procecution into white-colar crime and requiring by law that candidates for major office release their tax returns.

This is a simple site made with jekyll and following the great learn enough css and layout to be dangerous tutorial. i hope to post my photos, thoughts and impressions and "learn enough" css and layout before moving on to javascript.

photo of my cat staring out window of sun rising over some 
                buildings across the street.

Picture of my cat enjoying the sun rising over some buildings across the street.